Hanuman Vratham, 14 December 2013

Hanuman Vratham

Hanuman Vratham

December 14, 2013, Today is Hanuman Vratham. Hanuman Vratham is an auspicious day to observe Hanuman Puja (other than Hanuman Jayanti).

It falls on Shukla Paksha Trayodasi in Margashira Masam as per Telugu & Kannada calendars. It is mainly observed on Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The main objective of performing Hanuman Vratham is the good health and prosperity of the performer and his family.

Shodashopachara Puja (16 types of Puja steps) is offered to Lord Hanuman. Hanuman Vratha katha is recited and special naivedyam is offered to Anjaneya Swamy. Hanuman Astottaram, Sundarakanda, Hanuman Chalisa, Vijayanjaneya Stotram and other Hanuman stotrams are recited during the pujan.

Hanumad Vratham is performed by married couples, unmarried devotees, children and elder people. Those who perform this vratham would be blessed with good health, prosperity, wisdom and they also become free from all types of fears, phobias, etc..

From this article, learn how to do Hanuman Vratham – Hanuman Vratham puja procedure

Daily Panchangam, Hanuman Vratham on 14 December 2013

Tithi – Dwadashi ends at 9.28 AM, then Trayodashi begins

Bharani Nakshatra – till 6.02 PM

Varjyam – NO

Durmuhurtham – 6.31 AM to 8 AM

Amrita Kalam – 12.53 PM to 2.36 PM

Shiva Yogam – till 8.31 PM

Balava Karanam – till 9.23 AM

Kaulava Karanam – till 10.11 PM.

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