Hanuman acted as a Spy in Ramayana

Hanumanji huggung Ram FB

Hanumanji huggung Ram FB

A spy is a person who obtains information secretly from others, as per the instructions of his master. In ancient times, Spies are normally appointed by the kings in order to get the details of their enemy kings in a secret manner. Spies must contain boldness, courage and wisdom in order to tackle the situations, and sometimes they may have to even lose their lives while seeking information from others. Spies are deployed in obtaining confidential information from others, and usually they would be paid excellent remuneration for the assigned tasks by their masters.

In the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman acted as a spy for Lord Rama, and he collected very useful information from the Lanka Kingdom. After he met Ma Sita in the Ashokavana, he destroyed the palaces of the demons, and he was tied with the powerful Brahmastra, and then the demons took him to their king Ravana. Hanuman had spoken bravely with Ravana, and asked him to set free Ma Sita from the Lanka. Though he was not provided a seat to sit in the palace of Ravana, he made his tail to grow larger in size, and in his tail itself he formed a seat and sat in that, and began to boldly converse with Ravana.

Similarly in the Mahabharata also, Lord Krishna went as a spy and made peace talks with Duryodana. He asked Duryodana to share the kingdom of Hastinapur with the Pandavas, but Duryodana had refused, and also he didn’t honour him properly. And as a result, Lord Krishna took his Vishwaroopa form and proved his divinity before the Kauravas.

Once when Ravana had forcibly taken the Pushpaka Vimana from Kubera, Kubera sent his spy in order to talk with his brother Ravana, for bringing back his Vimana from Ravana. On seeing the spy of Kubera, Ravana got very angry with him, and he immediately killed him with his sword. Similar to this incident, in ancient times, some bad natured kings would kill the spies sent by the king belonged to other kingdoms, and they have done like this, in order to show their hatred nature with the kings belonging to other kingdoms. But during the rule of Prithu, Prahalad and Dhruva, they would never kill the spies sent by other kings, and instead of that, they would converse with them properly, they would give them proper seat, and would also provide sufficient food and water to them. That’s why we are still remembering these pious kings, and in our holy texts also their significance is mentioned.


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