Gurudakshina | Shishya Repaying Guru after completion of formal education

Ekalavya Paying Gurudakshina to Dhrona

Ekalavya Paying Gurudakshina to Dhrona

Gurudakshina means paying our great respects to our holy Guru, and willing to satisfy the needs of the Guru, after the completion of our studies in the Gurukulam. This system was an ancient practice which was adopted in the Gurukulam system of Vedic education. The tradition of Gurudakshina can be traced in our ancient texts, and we can find it in Mahabharata.

As per the great epic Mahabharata, a hunter boy Ekalavya, had learned the art of archery, and he was well trained in archery, just by watching Guru Dhrona from a long distance, when he taught archery to the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Though he didn’t learn the art directly from Guru Dhrona, he learnt it, through his self- interest. After Guru Dhrona knew about his expertise in the archery, he asked to offer his right hand thumb as a Guru Dakshina to him. Immediately without any hesitation, the noble boy Ekalavya had chopped his right hand thumb and willingly gave it to Guru Dhrona. The hunter boy Ekalavya’s selfless sacrifice cannot be forgotten by anyone in this world.

Similarly if we refer The Bhagavata Purana, Lord Krishna had restored back the lost son of his Guru Sandipani from the Prabhasa Teertha, which is located at the present day Gujarat, nearby the auspicious Sri Somnath Temple. Krishna went inside the Prabhasa Teertha along with his brother Balarama, through his spiritual powers, and after killing the dreaded demon Sankhasura, both of them met Lord Vishnu under the ocean, and with his permission, they brought back the son of Guru Sandipani from the ocean.

The above two incidents shows how the divine personalities are taking big risks, in order to fulfill the needs of their gurus. But at this present situation of the world, some students are not properly respecting their Gurus, and they are also making fun of them.

Gurus are considered similar to the god, and hence let us respect our teachers and let us help them as much as we can, if they are in need of our help.


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