Guru Gita | Song of the Guru by Veda Vyasa



The Guru Gita is a holy text, which is believed to have been written by sage Vyasa, and this wonderful script was taken from the precious Skanda Purana. The text of Guru Gita was written as a conversation between Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, and the discussion was happened, when she asks Lord Shiva to tell about the greatness of the Guru. Shiva tells her the various ways of worshiping the Guru and the benefits of worshipping the holy Guru.

Guru means the one who removes the darkness in our mind and gives brightness to us like the shining sun. A Guru also plays the role of the god for his disciples and he makes them to attain salvation by providing valuable teachings to them. Hence, worshipping the Guru is the main thing for his disciples.Guru can also be considered as the avatar of god, and he had incarnated as Guru Dakshinamurti, a form of Lord Shiva, in order to clear the spiritual doubts of the holy rishis who were surrounded around him.

According to Lord Shiva, a Guru must be worshipped similar to the god, and his disciples must obey his orders, follow his instructions, and they must offer their sincere prayers, by falling at his holy feet. Gurus occupy a major role in Hinduism, and even the Divine kings like Rama and Krishna, had given great respect to their Gurus, and also followed their teachings in their life. There is no other substitute for a holy Guru. Guru only gives proper guidance, and he acts as a father and mother to his disciples and followers.

As per the wordings of Lord Shiva,“Apart from the Guru, there is no other God. O My Dear Consort, what I say is the absolute truth, and there is no doubt in that.The Guru must be considered similar to me and those who worship the holy Gurus, are to be considered as worshipping myself”.

A true Guru contains very good qualities, and, he is the one, who is very pure and pious, shines brightly,avoids the worldly pleasures, luxuries and other comforts in his life, and he acts as a spiritual guide and motivator to his disciples and followers.


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