Who is the Most Greatest – Rama or Krishna?

Krishna Rama

Krishna Rama

We cannot find any differentiation between the two avatars, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, since both of them are considered as one and the same. To the mighty Hanuman and the great Jambavan, Lord Krishna had given his darshan in the form of Lord Rama. Even to his mother Ma Yashoda, Lord Krishna had once appeared in the form of Lord Rama, and proved that both of them are same.Lord Rama as he is well known for his good and noble qualities is praised by all of his devotees by chanting his Rama Mantra and the greatness of Lord Rama also spreads through his beloved Lord Hanuman, who still tirelessly performs meditation on Lord Rama in a cave at the Holy Himayalan Mountain Ranges.

In the Keertanans of Swamy Thyagaraja, he used to praise the excellent qualities of Lord Rama, “Hey Sri Rama Chandra Prabhu, I am getting fully addicted by reciting your names and by singing your songs. I have got the golden opportunity to take this human birth, in order to sanctify you through divine songs, and I wanted to take human birth again and again, in order to glorify you through my songs”.

Both of them contain certain similar characteristics. When Krishna had broken the butter pots and performed lot of lovely mischievous acts, Lord Rama also playfully shot arrows filled with mud balls on his servants and also on his friends. Rama also used to smile in a pleasing manner similar to Krishna, and both of them were loved by everyone in the universe. Both of them were incarnated in this earth, in order to discharge their important duties, like killing of demons, establishing proper law and order situation in their kingdoms, and their each and every act teaches lot of good things to us.

Similar to Lord Krishna who had delivered the nice Bhagavat Gita teachings to us, Lord Rama also told lot of educative and useful stories to his brothers and to Ma Sita and he also conveyed a nice message to us, “FORGIVE THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS, AFTER THEIR DEATH”. After killing Ravana, when Vibhishana was disinterested in performing the last rites for his brother Ravana, it was Lord Rama who told to him, to forgive about the mistakes of his brother Ravana, since he has died. Likewise, after killing Kamsa and Sishubala, Krishna had granted salvation to them and he has forgiven their mistakes.

Still Rama and Krishna are being praised and sanctified by their devotees, due to their wonderful Qualities. Those who recite the names of Rama and Krishna, would get spiritual enlightenment in their lives, and they would be involved with full of spiritual thoughts on Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.



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