Gopuja is a famous puja which is celebrated in India, and also in foreign countries, by our Indian people. This puja is performed to cows, by considering it as the holy mother goddess, and also to remove the evils from us, and to show our great respect to the holy animal cow. During the time of this puja, Sandal paste, Kumkum and Turmeric would be applied in the forehead of the cows, and Arathi would be shown to the cow.

This puja is especially performed in temples, and also in cow shelters. During important festivals like Grahapravesh and child’s first birthday ceremony, the holy cow would be decorated with flowers and flower garlands, and it would be brought by the cowherd to the homes of the people who celebrate the festivals in their homes and after performing puja to it, proper food would be provided to the cow, by the organizers of the function.

In ancient times, in most of the houses, people would grow cows, in order to get milk, and also to show their respect to the holy cows in the society. Kings and queens respect the cows and the calves similar to their children, and would treat them properly. They also would perform Gopuja at their palaces, in order to prosper in their lives.

During Mattu Pongal festival day, the bulls and cows would be nicely decorated, and it would circumambulate the temples. People would worship the cows similar to the deities, and would offer fruits, greens, vegetables and cow food to them. It is believed that all the 33 crores of Devas dwells in the body of the cows, and hence it is advisable to do Gopuja during the auspicious days like Pongal, Deepavali, Varalakshmi Vratham and Gokulashtami festivals.

Some people are killing the holy cows, for consuming it. Since they didn’t know the sanctity of the cows, they are doing like that. But cows are considered as worshipful animals, and those who cause harm to them would be subject to severe punishment in the eyes of the god. As per ancient legend, the great Prahalada performed gopuja at his palace for several thousands of years, and due to that, he took birth as Guru Raghavendra, the popular Madhwa saint of Mantralayam, who is considered as the holy cow Kamadhenu, with regard to fulfilling the wishes of his devotees, and he is still protecting his devotees from their problems in their lives.

Hence let us perform Gopuja on auspicious days, in order to get the grace of the divine mother cow, and to get the grace of Guru Raghavendra, and Lord Krishna, who is the famous cowherd during the previous Dwapara Yuga.


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