Gopadma Vratam (Go Padma Vrata)

Gopadma Vratam, also referred as Go Padma Vrata is a festival observed mainly by farmers and people related to the field of dairy. This vrata is performed for four months, beginning from Sayani or Padma Ekadashi. In 2012, the date of the beginning of Gopadma Vrata is June 30.

The beginning day of Gopadma vrata is referred as Go Padma Vrata Prarambh or Aarambh. It is very similar to Chaturmas Vrat. This vrata is solely dedicated to Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

On the day of Gopadma Vrata, cattle shed is cleaned and kept neat. With rice flour, 33 small rangoli patterns are drawn. Devotees worship these rangoli patterns along with the cows and Lord Vishnu. Those who live in towns and cities have to worship cattle even on Gopadma Vrata Aarambh day.

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