Gopadma Vrata 2020 | Go Padma Vratam in Chaturmas Puja

Gopadma Vrata, Go Padma Vratam, is a four month long Vrata observed during the Chaturmas puja (four holy months in Hinduism), starting from Devsayani Ekadashi or Vishnu Shayana Ekadashi. In 2020, Gopadma Vratam date is July 1 (It begins on July 1). It is a festival of farmers and the people associated with dairy industry […]

Gopadma Vratam (Go Padma Vrata)

Gopadma Vratam, also referred as Go Padma Vrata is a festival observed mainly by farmers and people related to the field of dairy. This vrata is performed for four months, beginning from Sayani or Padma Ekadashi. In 2012, the date of the beginning of Gopadma Vrata is June 30. The beginning day of Gopadma vrata […]