God is Only One

Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Yes. It is true. Actually god is only one, and he is only classified as Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Vinayaka and many more. Even other religious Gods are also the divine aspects of one single god only. But without knowing about the truth, still some other religious people are forcibly converting the Hindus into their own religions, insulting the sentiments and beliefs of Hindus, and they are doing like this, due to the evil influence of Lord Kali Purusha and also due to the worldly illusions which prevails in this world.

In order to identify the god to the people, ancient saints and sages have given a proper shape to the gods and goddesses and asked the devotees to worship the deities in the form of idols. God is like the electricity power, and similar to the electricity, he cannot be seen and also cannot be touched, but his powers are widely spread all over the universe. Those who follow the one god concept in the religions like Christianity and Islam must not create nuisance to the Hindu religion, and to the Hindus, since Hindu religion was supposed to have been formed even before the existence of Christianity and Islam. There are lot of evidence about the existence of our Hinduism even before several millions of years, and by reading the “PRAHALADA CHARITRA”, and the “DHRUVA CHARITRA”, we could know that our holy Sanatana Dharma and our Hindu religion was existed even before several millions of years.

At this present stage of our life, plenty of chances are there to commit lot of bad karmas, whereas the chances of committing good karmas are very less. Those who create disturbance to our holy Sanatana Dharma in the name of religious faith must have to surely answer to the god during the time of their death. In general, doing bad acts like forcible conversion, destructing of Hindu temples and creating troubles to the holy saints and devotees of Hinduism, would create joyfulness in the minds of some of the people who belongs to other religions, but surely one day, their happiness would turn into permanent sufferings, and during that time, no god would save them from their hardship.

In general, god would give lot of chances to us to correct ourselves, but still if we keep on doing the sinful acts again and again, then he would never tolerate with us, and finally he would put a full stop to our acts, and would also push us to the hell forever.

Hence let our other religious brothers and sisters give respect to our Hindu religious sentiments and beliefs and let them also act as the protectors of Hinduism and our holy Sanatana Dharma.


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