Ghattaragi Bhagamma Temple, Bhagyavanthi Devi Temple near Gulbarga

Ghattaragi Bhagamma Temple

Ghattaragi Bhagamma Temple

Ghattaragi Bhagamma Temple, also popular as Bhagyamma and Bhagyavanti Temple, is one of the renowned temple in Gulbarga region of Karnataka. It is located at Ghattaragi village in Afzalpur taluk of Gulbarga district. It is situated near Sri Kshetra Ganagapur Sri Dattatreya Temple.

As per the legend of Ghattaragi Bhagamma Temple, after the collapse of Vijayanagara Kingdom, their presiding deity, Bhuvaneshwari has come to the banks of Bhima River by swimming through Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers.

The Goddess transformed herself into a Pillar and ordered her devotees in dreams to build a temple for her at Ghattaragi village at the banks of Bhima river.

The villagers brought the pillar and built a temple around it. The pillar brought a lot of fortune to the people hence she was named Bhagyavanthy (Fortune Giver). She proved to be Kamadenu and Kalparuksha to the villagers. So, in short she is the  family deity of Vijayanagar Kings who flourished when they worshipped her and perished when ignored her. Today the temple is visited by many from all over the country and outside country. This is a place full of miracles and all your sincere prayers are answered. Miracles happen when you believe.

There is a unique ritual held in this temple. A man is hung from a cart at a height of 30 feet from his back with the help of a sharp hook. this is called ‘Sidi’. people believe this helps them overcome the drought problem. Elders in theNayaka community choose the man to undergo this exercise.

Makara Sankranti, Pushya Purnima, Magha Purnima, Shivaratri, Ugadi, Sri Rama Navami, Shravana Maasa, Navaratri Utsava and Kartika Maasa are the major festivals celebrated at Ghattaragi Bhagamma Temple.

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