Get Permanent Life, No more changing apartment

We are not proprietor of this body. We are occupier. Just like a rented house: the proprietor and the tenant are different. So I am the spirit soul. I am not proprietor; I am simply occupier.

The proprietor is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is giving me a particular apartment according to my capacity of paying rent. According to our karma or work, we get a body, either as a king’s son, a cobbler’s son, a dog’s son, a cat’s son, a tree’s son or a plant’s son.

If you are in a rented apartment, you are given the license to occupy the room. So mistake is that we do not know the owner, and we are improperly using our occupation. The direction is there, the director is sitting there. He’s always helping you. But the disease is that we are claiming to be owner and want to act according to our whims, and that is material condition.

Krishna said “Don’t think we did not exist in the past. We are existing at present, and we shall continue to exist in the future.” Exactly like that “I existed in one apartment, now I am existing in one apartment, and I shall exist in another apartment.” I am spirit soul. I am simply changing different apartments. Because I am eternal, there is a life, where I haven’t got to change apartment. I get permanent residence. That is spiritual life. So long you are in material existence you have to change different types of body. But if you become fit for spiritual existence, you get rid or get out of this entanglement of changing bodies.

This is Krishna consciousness movement. We are teaching our people that “you become Krishna conscious then you get permanent life.”

Ref: Srila Prabhupada’s Lecture, June 18, 1974, Germany.

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