Gangireddu & Haridasu: Popular Aspects of Sankranti



Gangireddu is a sacred bull, which is decorated with beautiful clothes and ringing bells. Haridasulu are the people of a cast who are dedicated to receive charities from other people.

Gangireddu and Haridasu are the two important aspects of Makar Sankranti.

Haridasu makes gangireddu (bull) to dance. The scene clearly depicts bulls obedience to his master. Haridasu sings songs and gangireddu dances according to his masters song.

As Sankranti is celebrated as a harvest festival, cattle is also worshipped during it. Mainly, the bull (Gangireddu) is worshipped.

Gangireddu with Haridasu

Gangireddu with Haridasu

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  1. Surendra Sharma says:

    Thank you for the information. I think more information on each day of the 4-day festival would be useful to ignorant people like me. Although I belong to Andhra, I was born, brought up, educated and employed elsewhere; acquired alien customs yet savor everything Andhra for, my people are perhaps the most accommodate community I came across during my travels in India, my country, and abroad! Sadly, it seems the people are going to be divided on geographical lines very soon. I pray to the Almighty let the essence remain as long as Telugu language lasts!
    Yours truly,
    Surendra Sharma


      Hi Surendra Sharma garu,
      Though the state of Andhra Pradesh is divided, the culture, traditions, heritage and history will remain as it is. The geographical barriers will not act as cultural barriers. Essence of Telugu language remains forever…

  2. ramya says:


    Please note that Haridasu is not the master of gagireddu. Haridasu sings songs in praise of Lord Vishnu and accepts rice from people. Please correct your content.