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Ganga Jatara near Tirupati – Gangamma Jathara

Ganga Jatara or Gangamma Jathara is the folk festival celebrated at Thathayagunta near Tirupati in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. In 2011, the 8-day Gangamma Jatara begins on May 10 and ends on May 17. Ganga Jatara, most popularly known as Thathayagunta Gangamma Jatara, is very similar to Sammakka Sarakka Jathara celebrated at Medaram near Warangal in Telangana region of the state. This week-long tribal festival (Ganga Jatara) is dedicated to worship Goddess Matangi.

Women carry ‘Vadibalu containing a Kumkuma bharine (sacred bowl full of kumkum), blouse piece, pasupu (turmeric powder), and a duvvena (comb) and visit the temple with singing and dancing all the way from their houses. Offering ‘Sunnapu Kundalu, ‘Sapparalu, and ‘Abhishekam are other major rituals of the Jatara.

Lacs of devotees participate in Ganga Jatara from all across the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

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  1. sreenu says:

    Tirupati jatara very famour at tirupati . some image forward to me pl.

  2. Sarthak says:

    tamil nadu women pics with turmeric powder on face at jathara

  3. Taksa says:

    What is the date for gangamma jatara chittoor Dist for 2013

  4. Kalash says:

    date of gangamma jatara in tirupati for 2013

  5. Jigisha says:

    ganga jatra at chittoor town in may 2013 date

  6. Madhav says:

    tribal festival in andhra pradesh in may near warangal

  7. Pradeep says:

    Jatara Ends on May 14th 2013 not sure about start date

  8. Vijul says:

    when is gangamma jaatara in tirupati for the year 2013

  9. Vidyut says:

    wHAT IS THE DATE OF jaatra in chittoor for 2013

  10. Madhavdas says:

    hindupad hindu festivals auspicious days ganga jatara near tirupati gangamma jathara

  11. Shashini says:

    crossdressers in saree in gangajatra festival of tirupati

  12. Mela says:

    ganga-yatra festival | may | tirupati andhra pradesh india

  13. vinu says:

    When is gangamma jatara at tirupati for the year 2016.