Ganesha Temples in Bangalore

dodda ganapathi temple bangalore

dodda ganapathi temple bangalore

Ganesha Temples in Bangalore, Famous Ganapathi Temples in Bangalore are – Panchamukha Heramba Ganapati temple is located in the Mahalakshmi, Malleshwaram Mahaganapathi Temple, Dodda Ganapati temple, RT Nagar Vinayaka Temple, etc..

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka has many famous lord Ganesha temples within the city limit and at the outskirt too. Some of the temples are of ancient importance and rest is all new modern temples. The Hindu devotees of this region give much importance to the Ganesha temples.

Lord Vighnaharana Ganapati, Shiva Mandir is located in Airport Road, Bangalore

Modern Panchamukha Heramba Ganapati temple is located in the Mahâlakshmî area in Bangalore. The main diety is lion-headed Simha Ganapati, on the side wall of the temple, a syncretic form of Ganapati/Narasimha.

Mahâganapati temple is located in Malleshvaram Circle. The main deity is Vidya Ganapati (The Lord of Knowledge). In june, the sankasta Chaturthi festival is held.

Shrî Jambu Ganapati temple is located in Malleshvaram, it is under an old jamun tree.
Ganapati temple is located at Kasturba Road, Banaglore

Shrî Vinâyaka temple is located at R.T. Nagar, Bangalore. Other gods are not represented in this temple. Only for Planets, additional shrine are built. These are pañchayatana temples where the main deity is only Ganesha but the size of the image is small.

Dodda Ganapati temple is very ancient temple. It was buit by Kempegowda. Shakti Ganapati and Satya Ganapati is the main diety of this temple. The manificent image of the Lord is about 18ft height and 16ft width. It is believed that at the feet of the statue, river Vishva Bharti originates.

The other famous temples of Lord Ganesh are Ragigudda Sri Prasanna Anjeneya Swamy Temple, Swanandashrama Temple, Ananthanagar Ganapathi Temple and Prasannananda Ganapati temple.

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