Ganesh Chaturthi Patra Puja, 21 leaves to worship Ganesh on Ganesh Chavithi

Ganesh 21 Leaves Vinayaka Chavithi no-watermark

Ganesh 21 Leaves Vinayaka Chavithi no-watermark

Ganesh Patra Puja is very important step in Ganesh Chaturthi puja. 21 types of leaves are used for Ganesh Chaturthi festival to worship Lord Ganesha. This pathra puja is also called as ‘Eka Vimshathi Patra Puja. Chanting each name of the Lord, Ganesha is worshipped with each type of leaf. As per Hinduism, Rushis used leaves, barks and other tree parts as the Pooja material for Pujas.

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21 Types of Leaves for Ganesh Ekavimsathi Puja – Common names and botanical names of the leaves:

  1. Machi Patra – Artemisia vulgaris
  2. Bruhathi Patra – Solanum indicum
  3. Bilva Patra – Aegle marmeolus
  4. Durva Patra – Cyanodon dactylon
  5. Kanaka Patra – Datura metal
  6. Badari Patra – Zizipus jujube
  7. Apamarga Patra – Achyranthus aspera
  8. Tulasi Patra – Ocimum sanctum
  9. Chootha Patra – Mangifera indica
  10. Karaveera Patra – Nerium indicum
  11. Vishnu krantha Patra – Convolvulus pluricaucis
  12. Daadimi Patra – Punica granatum
  13. Devdar Patra – Cedrus deodar
  14. Maruvaka Patra – Origanum majoram
  15. Sindhuvara Patra – Vitex nirgundo
  16. Sandhya pushpin Patra – Jasminum grandiflorum
  17. Gandali Patra – Latha Durva
  18. Shami Patra – Prosopis specigera
  19. Ashwatha Patra – Ficus religiosa
  20. Arjuna Patra – Terminelia Arjuna
  21. Arka Patra – Calotropis Procera

In Bhavishya Purana, four more leaves are mentioned for Patra puja:

  1. Brungaraja Patra – Eclipta alba
  2. Mala Patra
  3. Ketaki Patra – Pandanus Odoratissimus
  4. Agasthya Patra – Sesbania grandifolia

Artemesia vulgaris – Machipathri or Maachi Patram

Solanum xanthocarpum – Bruhati Patram, Vakudu

Aegle marmelos – Bilva Patra, Bell leaves Tree

Cynodon dactylon – Durva grass, Grass blades

Datura metel – Datura Patram, Ummetha Tree

Zizyphus jujuba – Badari Patram, Gooseberry Tree

Achyranthus aspera – Apamarga Patram, Utthreni

Ocimum sanctum, Tulsi leaves, Holy Basil Tree

Mangifera indica, Mango leaves, Chutha Patram

Nerium odorum – Karavira patram

Evolvulus alsinoides – Vishnukrantha patram

Punica granatum, Dadimi Patram, Pomegranate

Erythroxylum monogynum – Devadaru Patram

Majorana hortensis – Maruvaka patram, Maruvam

Vitex negundo, Sindhuvaara patram, Vavili Tree

Jasminum auriculatum – Jaaji Patram

Bauhinia variegata – Gandaki Patram, Devakanchana

Prosopis cineraria – Shami Patram, Jammi, Banni

Ficus religiosa – Ashwattha Patram, Raavi Tree

Terminalia arjuna – Arjuna Patram, White Maddhi Tree

Calotropis procera – Arka Patram, Jilledu Tree

Vinayaka Chavithi Vrathakalpam with detailed instructions..

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    Gana-pathy means The Gana dhi Pathaaye namah – of allGanas in Creation and the Nature Garden field etc
    The pooja respects all aspects of Creation Nature and also Medicinal value of Leaves Herbs Fruits and Flowersused in Nature Cure for thousands of years and in Ayurveda . Respects TR

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