Gana Porutham (Rakshasa Ganam, Manushya Ganam, Deva Ganam) in Marriage Compatibility

Gana Porutham (Rakshasa Ganam, Manushya Ganam, Deva Ganam) in Marriage Compatibility – Gana Porutham is an aspect of Marriage matching in Hindu marriages.

According to the Hindu custom, a marriage alliance is done only after studying the ten poruthams between the bride and bridegroom. Once the ten poruthams are satisfactory level then they are allowed by the elders of both the families to tie the knot.

Only in case of love marriages or marriage contemplation between older age group boy and girl then the application of these ten potuthams are completely omitted.

It is to be highly noted that Kootas and poruthams are decided based on the janam rashi or the birth star of the girl and boy in question. Each and every porutham among the ten porutham are largely considered for the said marriage alliance. According to the local legends, “Each porutham is significant according to different aspects of a person’s mind, body and personality, and the effects of each are considered one by one.”

The second amidst the ten poruthams is the Ganam porutham. It is to be remembered that Dinam porutham is the first porutham among the ten porutham. The temperaments of both the girl and the boy to assure perfect compatibility in their sex life after marriage are matched with Ganam porutham.

It is to be remembered that Ganam porutham is perfectly differentiated into three kinds. These are Rakshasa Ganam, Manushya Ganam and Deva Ganam. People under the category of Rakshasa Ganam come with totally bad behavior, both in their action and their speech. They behave with others in rough and rude manner. They are very aggressive in their attitude towards others. They don’t cooperated and coordinate with others. They also find faults in others.

On the other hand, People under the category of Manushya Ganam come with characters of mixed qualities. They are said to have good and bad qualities in them. They show their anger at times with others and often create enmity with close friends and relatives. People under the category of Deva Ganam come with really good nature, affectionate attitude, well-behaved, generous and soft spoken. They give great significance to their life with high values and good characters.

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