Gajalakshmi Puja 2022 | Gajalakshmi Vrat

goddess gajalakshmi

goddess gajalakshmi

Gajalakshmi Puja or Gajalaxmi Puja is observed for 11 days starting from Ashwin Purnima or Kumar Purnima (Full Moon day in Ashwin month) in Orissa. In 2022, Gajalakshmi Puja date is October 9.

In some places other than Orissa, Gajalakshmi Puja is also observed on Shukla Paksha Dashami in Bhadrapad month (September). For that regions, Gajalakshmi vrat 2022 date is September 5.

Goddess Gajalakshmi is one of the Ashtalakshmi (eight aspects of Goddess Lakshmi). She is known as the most powerful Goddess among eight aspects of the Lakshmi.

Gajalakshmi Devi is the one who brought back all the wealth lost by Indra. She is also the Goddess of cattle hence is also worshipped during the vratas or pujas dedicated to cattle.

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  1. Aarika says:

    what is Mantra of hindu God for Tula Rashi GajLakshmi