Gajalakshmi Vrat (Gajalaxmi Vrata)

Gajalakshmi vrat is an observance dedicated to Goddess Gajalaxmi, one of the eight aspects of Goddess Lakshmi. Gajalakshmi is considered as prosperity and strength.

Gajalaxmi vrat is observed on Shukla Paksha Dashami in Bhadrapad month. Gajalakshmi vrata 2014 date is September 4. Gajalakshmi is worshipped for the wealth of animals – cattle – and for prosperity.

On Gajalakshmi vrat day, Goddess Gajalaxmi is worshipped with Shodasha upachars (16 steps of Puja procedure) and offered special recipes. Devotees observe fast till the lakshmi puja ends. After Gajalakshmi puja, devotees offer dakshina in terms of money or offerings to a Brahmin.

Gajalakshmi vrata 2012 date was September 10.

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  1. Swapnesh says:

    can we do aslesha bali puja on pouranami