Gajakesari Yoga

What is Gajakesari Yoga? When is Gajakesari Yoga formed? What are the results, predictions and effects Gajakesari Yoga?

Formation of Gajakesari Yoga

Gajakesari Yoga is formed when Guru / Brihaspati (Jupiter) is in a Kendra from the Moon.

In a horoscope, if Jupiter and Moon are associated in one house or if Jupiter is in any of the Kendra Sthanas from the Moon, this Yogam is constituted.

(The 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses from Chandra are called Chandra Kendra and the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses from Lagna are called Lagna Kendra.)

Results of Gajakesari Yoga

The native who was born with Gajakesari Yoga will have fruitful relations with high-level society. He will be polite and generous. The native may become builder of villages and towns or magistrate or the official over them.

The native will have a lasting reputation even long after death.

The literal interpretation of the results mentioned in the Jyotishya Shastra give real meaning of according to the present society. The native born in Gajakesari yoga may become a member of municipality and engineer or if the yoga is really powerful, a mayor. The results ascribed to a yoga are subject to qualification or modification according as the yogakarakas are strong or weak.

There are administrative officer from the village to the district with different powers. From a builder of a small choultry to the builder of a large and rich temple there is much difference. Combinations are given but the results of the same conjunction will vary with the strength of the planets, bhavas and the constellations.

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