‘Fish’ in Hinduism | Matsya Avatara of Lord Vishnu

matsya avatar

matsya avatar

Fish is considered as a holy sea living creature, and it contains good swimming talents, and used to live only in the water. Fishes are found in the rivers, seas, ponds and also in the temple tanks.

Fishes are widely consumed all over the world, due to its rich nutrients. It contains good features, and doesn’t harm us, except in case of big whales and sharks. Fishes are the worshipful sea creatures, due to the Matsya Avatar incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which he took several lakhs of years ago, in order to protect the entire universe during the time of destruction.

Among the other avatars of Vishnu, Matsya avatar is not considered as a popular avatar, but he is worshipped in the form of a fish in few temples in India. But in general, no one is considering about the holiness of the fish, and eating it as a part of their daily food. Those who are able to avoid fish items in their food can do it, since fishes are considered as the forms of Lord Vishnu.

By protecting the fishes, we would get the blessings of Lord Matsya and our life would become prosper. We can also provide food to the fishes living in the temple ponds, and doing such a noble act, would cleanse our sins and our diseases would be immediately cured.

Hence let us worship Lord Matsya and be blessed.

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