Festivals at Eklingji Temple, Udaipur

Shri Ekling Ji is the god of the Maharanas. This temple belongs to the Maharanas and it is not a public temple. Over the centuries, the pooja of this temple is performed in a royal way and no change is possible. According to this, only the Maharana of Mewar land can perform the Pooja of Shri Ekling ji. Daily Pooja, however, is performed by the Pujaries appointed by the Maharanas. Even these Pujaries first make a voluntary declaration that they are performing the Pooja in the name of Maharana and at the end of the Pooja , the Pujari receives the deities Aashirwad for the Maharana. The Maharana meet all the expenses of the temple.

No gifts or monetary help can be accepted there, However , if any devotee out of his emotional sentiments wants to give a donation, it is dropped in to the safe maintained by Mewar Shiva Shakti Peetha. This Money is not spent for the temple of Shri Eklingaji but for other religious and charitable activities. The Poor and Needy are also helped with this amount. A separate account of this is maintained.

Navratras, both of Chaitra and Ashwin attract multitudes of people here. Throughout the year on every Saturday night and Sunday, the faithful devotees visit the temple for removal of their distress.

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