Essence of Devi Bhagavata Purana

Tridevi Lakshmi Parvati Saraswati

Tridevi Lakshmi Parvati Saraswati

Essence of Devi Bhagavata Purana.. The Devi Bhagavata Purana also known as Devi Mahatmya is a Hindu Holy text which describe Mata Durga Devi, also called as Shakti Devi and Parvati Devi, as the supreme deity and the controller of the universe. It is an ancient text written in Sanskrit, and it is written by the great sage Sri Vedavyasa. Devi Mahatmyam is also known as the Durga Mahima, and the text contains the greatness of Devi Durga and it is considered as one of the most famous texts of Hinduism. This sacred text was written approximately before 5000 years, and it explains about the victory attained by the Holy mother while waging war with the demons.

The Devi Mahatmya describes the battle between Durga Mata with the demon Mahishasura, and about her victory in the battle. It is also mentioned in the text, that Durga Devi manifests as Lakshmi, and gives good name, fame and wealth to the devotees, and she also manifests as Mata Saraswati, and gives wisdom, courage and good knowledge in all the subjects to her devotees. According to Devi Mahatmya, from the powers of Mata Durga, all other divine deities are created, and according to her instructions, they are properly discharging their duties.

The Devi Mahatmya is considered equivalent to Srimad Bhagavatham and the Bhagavad Gita. The Devi Mahatmya has been very much popular in North and East India, and this Devi Purana is recited especially during Tuesdays and Fridays and during the Navratri festival days by the devotees in the Durga temples throughout India.

The details about the great epic Devi Mahatmya is also mentioned in Mahabharata. In Devi Mahatmya, Durga Devi is also called as Chandika and Mahakali, and this text has been translated into most of the Indian languages, and this text is considered as very holy by the Shakti devotees, and they used to read this holy text regularly.

The Devi mahatmya, which is considered to be the main text of the Shakti Devotees, united many people towards offering prayers to Ma Durga Devi,who is considered to be the Great Goddess of Hinduism. She is omnipotent, holy and the compassionate Mother, who acts as a protective shield and gives supreme knowledge and also gives liberation to those who worships her sincerely. The Devi mahatmya Purana has attained great name and fame, since it significance was spread by the great Ujjain King Sri Vikramaditya, who was a staunch devotion of Ma Kali, the supreme manifestation of Ma Shakti Devi.

Ancient Hindus read the Holy Devi Bhagavata with great interest, perseverance and enthusiasm. This SACRED PURANA is also considered equivalent to the Holy Vedas, due to its rich contents and it has gained much popularity for its simplicity, easy readability and compatibility. Several kings, scholars, saints and sages were attained the holy lotus feet of the divine mother, Ma Durga Devi, after they read this Divine Text, Sri Devi Bhagavata Purana.

Devi Bhagavatham is also known as Sri Durgasaptasati, since this text contains seven hundred precious golden verses. The Devi mahatmya inspired many, since it contains interesting contents from the beginning till the end.

When the dreaded demon Mahisha challenged for a fight with the divine mother Ma Durga, without knowing about her divine qualities, first she laughed like a thunder and gave shock to the buffalo headed Demon. On hearing the loud noise caused by Ma Durga, Mahisa and his demon counterparts rushed to the spot in order to commence a battle with Durga Ma. Though Millions and millions of Demons began to attack her, but however she managed to fight with them boldly. Durga destroyed Mahisha’s army easily, andat last, she struck him with her divine trident, and pierced him into several pieces.

The holy mother goddess Durga’s victory is considered as the victory for the entire universe, since she eliminated the evil ones and protected the good ones.

Navaratri festival is mainly celebrated in order to praise the holy mother Ma Durga during those nine days, and people even used to observe fasting at least for one time in a day, in order to show their sincerity, faith and devotion on the Holy Mother.

Some of the staunch devotees of Ma Durga would praise the holy mother by reciting the following verses from the Devi Bhagavata Purana.

Oh My Divine mother, Devi Durga, please give us peace of mind, remove the poverty, sufferings and fear from our life, if you are not going to safeguard us, then who else would be able to protect us?

Oh My Divine Mother, we offer our humble Salutation to you, Oh Janani, Jaganmohini, Jaganmata, Narayani, you are the very auspicious and highly powerful goddess.

Oh Ma Devi, we seek refuge at your holy lotus feet, O Devi, who exist in the form of all living beings in the earth, who is the ruler of the entire universe, who contains great powers.

Oh Ma Devi Durga, please don’t leave us alone, please be with us right from our birth till the time of our death. I don’t believe in human relations, since it would be broken at any time, whereas, maintaining relationships with the Divine mother would be permanent, and it would not be broken at any point of time.

Oh my Dear mother, Ma Durga, please destroy our bad nature, and cultivate good habits, no mantra is equivalent to Devi Mantra, no deities are equivalent to our holy mother Ma Durga, and no other texts are equivalent to Sri Devi Bhagavatham.

Oh my Divine mother, all other gods and goddesses emerge only from your body. You are the ultimate controller of the whole universe, and no one can control you, you contain more powers than that of your consort Lord Shiva Himself!

Oh my Divine mother, among the trees, you are the Holy Arasa Tree, among the demons, you are the Holy Demon Prahalada, among the deities you are Lord Vishnu, among the kings, you are the great Lord Rama, among the weapons, you are the Holy Trident, among the birds, you are the pious Garuda, among the devotees, you are the Deva Rishi Narada, among the sages you are the Holy Agastya, among the stars, you are the “BRIGHT ROHINI STAR”, among the celestials you are Ma Indrani, among the Rishi Patnis, you are Ma Lopamudra, among the Gandharvas, you are the Holy Tumburu Bhagavan, among the Holy Rivers, you are the sacred Ganga, among the Mountains, you are the Holy Mountain Himalayas, among the planets, you are the Mars, Lord Mangala, among the demi goddesses, you are the pious Svaha Devi, consort of Lord Agni Dev, among the chaste women, you are Ma Arundati, consort of Rishi Vashista.

Some of the beautiful verses from Ma Mahishasura Mardini Stotram are as follows:

Victory to you,
Oh the marvellous daughter of the mountain king,
Who makes the entire universe to attain great happiness,
Who protects this universe,
Who is the daughter of Nanda,
Who resides on the peak of Vindhyas,
Who plays with humans similar to her brother Lord Vishnu,
Who has a glittering smile,
Who is praised by all other deities,
Who is the consort of lordShiva who contains a blue coloured neck,
Who has several names,
Who does good to everybody.
Who has a wonderful scented hair,
and she is the one who has killed the terrible demon Mahishasura.
Victory to you,
Oh the divine daughter of the mountain king,
Oh goddess who showers boons on your devotees,
Who punishes those who are bad in nature.
Who always protect the good ones,
Who makes others to attain peacefulness,
Who looks after the fourteen worlds,
Who pleases her consort lord Shiva,
Who removes the evil effects of the sins of her devotees,
Who likes to dance similar to her consort Lord Shiva,
Who removes the bad elements of her devotees,
Who is the mother of everyone.
And she is the one who has killed the dreaded demon Mahishasura.
Victory to you,
Oh the wonderful daughter of the mountain king,
who is the mother of the entire world,
Who loves to live in mountains,
Who enjoys the happiness of others,
Who is sweeter than the divine nectar,
Who is the slayer of powerful demons,
like Mahishasura.
Victory to you,
Oh the precious daughter of the mountain king,
Who rides on the brave and beautiful lion,
Which tears her enemies into pieces,
and she is the one, who has killed the demon Mahishasura.

Ma Mahishasura Namavali

1. Om mahatyainamah
2. Om cetanayainamah
3. Om mayayainamah
4. Om mahagauryainamah
5. Om mahesvaryainamah
6. Om mahodarayainamah
7. Om mahabuddhyainamah
8. Om mahakalyainamah
9. Om mahabalayainamah
10. Om mahasudhayainamah
11. Om mahanidrayainamah
12. Om mahamudrayainamah
13. Om mahadayayainamah
14. Om mahalaksmainamah
15. Om mahabhogayainamah
16. Om mahamohayainamah
17. Om mahajayayainamah
18. Om mahatustyainamah
19. Om mahalajayainamah
20. Om mahatustayainamah
21. Om mahaghorayainamah
22. Om mahadhrtyainamah
23. Om mahakantyainamah
24. Om mahakrtyainamah
25. Om mahapadmayainamah
26. Om mahamedhayainamah
27. Om mahabodhayainamah
28. Om mahatapasenamah
29. Om mahadhanayainamah
30. Om maharavayainamah
31. Om maharosayainamah
32. Om mahayudhayainamah
33. Om mahabandhanasaṃharyainamah
34. Om mahabhayavinasinyainamah
35. Om mahanetrayainamah
36. Om mahavaktrayainamah
37. Om mahavaksasenamah
38. Om mahabhujayainamah
39. Om mahamahiruhayainamah
40. Om purnayainamah
41. Om mahacayayainamah
42. Om mahanaghayainamah
43. Om mahasantyainamah
44. Om mahasvasayainamah
45. Om mahaparvatanandinyainamah
46. Om mahabrahmamayyainamah
47. Om matrenamah
48. Om mahasarayainamah
49. Om mahasuraghnyainamah
50. Om mahatyainamah
51. Om parvatyainamah
52. Om carcitayainamah
53. Om sivayainamah
54. Om mahaksantyainamah
55. Om mahabhrantyainamah
56. Om mahamantrayainamah
57. Om mahamayyainamah
58. Om mahakulayainamah
59. Om mahalolayainamah
60. Om mahamayayainamah
61. Om mahaphalayainamah
62. Om mahanilayainamah
63. Om mahasilayainamah
64. Om mahabalayainamah
65. Om mahakalayainamah
66. Om mahacitrayainamah
67. Om mahasetavenamah
68. Om mahahetavenamah
69. Om yasasvinyainamah
70. Om mahavidyayainamah
71. Om mahasadhyayainamah
72. Om mahasatyayainamah
73. Om mahagatyainamah
74. Om mahasukhinyainamah
75. Om mahaduhsvapnanasinyainamah
76. Om mahamoksapradayainamah
77. Om mahapaksayainamah
78. Om mahayasasvinyainamah
79. Om mahabhadrayainamah
80. Om mahavanyainamah
81. Om maharogavinasinyainamah
82. Om mahadharayainamah
83. Om mahakarayainamah
84. Om mahamaryainamah
85. Om khecaryainamah
86. Om mahaksemankaryainamah
87. Om mahaksamayainamah
88. Om mahaiasvaryapradayinyainamah
89. Om mahavisaghnyainamah
90. Om visadayainamah
91. Om mahadurgavinasinyainamah
92. Om mahavarsayainamah
93. Om mahatapyayainamah
94. Om mahakailasavasinyainamah
95. Om mahasubhadrayainamah
96. Om subhagayainamah
97. Om mahavidyayainamah
98. Om mahasatyayainamah
99. Om mahapratyangirayainamah
100. Om mahanityayainamah
101. Om mahanityayainamah
102. Om mahapralayakarinyainamah
103. Om mahasaktyainamah
104. Om mahamatyainamah
105. Om mahamangalakarinyainamah
106. Om mahadevyainamah
107. Om mahalaksmyainamah
108. Om mahamatrenamah

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