Ekalavya | Epitome of Autodidacticism (Self Learning of Archery)



Ekalavya is a noble person who was mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata,and he was the adopted son of a tribal king. Ekalavya wants to learn archery from Guru Dhrona, but he was not taught, since he was born in a lower caste.

Ekalavya used to worship Dhrona from his mind, and had self-studied the art of archery by himself, and become an expert in archery after several years of training.His wife was Devi Angraini who was a chaste and a holy woman and served as a dutiful wife to her husband Ekalavya.

Once, Drona saw the skills of Ekalavya in archery and asked for his right hand thumb,since Drona doesn’t wants Ekalavya to be a skilled person in archery than that of his beloved disciple Arjuna.

Even though he had lost his right hand thumb, he was a famous archer. He was the best friend of Duryodhana, and helped him, till his death.

There is an Ekalavya temple in a village in Gurugram (Gurgaon) in Haryana state. This is the only temple dedicated to Sri Ekalavya and it is the place where he had offered his right hand thumb to guru Dhrona.

Let us worship the great man Sri Ekalavya and be blessed.

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  1. harihara says:

    Drona could have tested ekalavya whether he had the guNas required and admitted him instead of going by jati or birth . In Upanishadic times satyakama was taken for his Guna guna of truth fullness . There could be many such cases