Ekadashi Foods – Food items to consume on Ekadashi Vrata

Ekadashi Foods – Food items to consume on Ekadashi Vrata.. what are the various food items to eat on Ekadashi vrata?

Clean ingredients means those item that are only used on Ekadashi days and not on any other day, these items are clean salt, clean sugar and clean oil. It is highly advised to keep these items in separate containers in the kitchen.

Avoid soya oil and corn oil but use only pure unsalted oil, butter and ghee. Certain Hindus use peanut oil, coconut oil, sunflower seeds and Helios oil.

Spices such as thyme, saffron, Basil, bay leaves, Parsley, cinnamon sticks, paprika, curry leaves, nigella seeds, mint (pudina), Cardamom (Elachie), coriander (dhania/cilantro), poppy seeds, Cloves, Ginger, Nutmeg (Jaifar), Chillies (green or dried red), ground/whole pepper,  Turmeric (ground from raw form), Tamarind and Hing (in its raw form).

It is to be noted that Vanilla is a pod and not a seed.  In the same manner, soomph or fennel is not a bean or pod but is a perennial herb. Its fruit is a popular dry seed. Saigo or sago is a seed from a cycad plant that looks like a palm tree. Its starch can be used for preparing traditional desserts.

It is to be remembered that cheese such as Tussers, mozzarella, Parmasen, feta, with without any animal rennet in them can be used.

The other items that can be had on the days of Ekadashi are lemons, green bananas, peanuts, coconut, Cabbage, butternut, Badam (Almonds), gem squash, karela (bittermelon), lettuce, cucumber, all kinds of fruits, pumpkin seeds, cottage cheese, rosewater, paneer, lemon juice, Maas (yogurt), desiccated coconut,  condensed milk, fresh cream, sour cream, yogurt, Rooibos tea, Pista (Pistachio),Green Tea, peppers, , jaggery (Gur), Cashew-nut, poppy seeds and raisins.

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