Ego, Arrogance and Self-respect… Is there any difference between these three?

Ego, Arrogance and Self-respect… Is there any difference between these three? This is a question raised by a devotee in the Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living. For this, let us read the explanation from Guruji in his own words…

There is no difference between ego and arrogance. ‘I am’ is ego.

‘Only I am good, no one else is good’, that is arrogance. There are different types of arrogance.

Self respect is something which you can never lose. Once you know about the self there is respect for the self and that is self respect.

If someone is insulting you then you should move away from there. If you keep listening to bad words about yourself and keep taking them in, it hurts the spirit. The spirit inside you gets pained and your energy goes down. So, never listen to anyone insulting you or saying bad words to you.

This is a new thing we learnt today!

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  1. Doosri Radha(Debendra Kishore Pand, retired I.G.Police) says:

    Ravishankar Ji is not correct wholly. He is completely wrong about self respect. Lord Krushna has made it very clear that there is nothing like repect and insult in spiritual science. Respect, insult, praise, love, hatred, good, bad, all these exist only at the body level. Through his reply, my son Ravishankar has proved beyonbd doubt that he exists at the bodt level. Further, there is absolutely no pain or pleasure for the Atma or Soul. It must be remembered always that the Soul is one, it is not in many parts and it is not different in all the living beings. If the Soul of one person is pained due to insult, then, this pain would be felt by all the living beings. But, it is not the case, all of us know. If one is insulted by another, then the feelings in others will differ. Some one may like it, some onem may dislike it. Another may be sympathetic and try to sort out the problem. Another, may just ignore it and not at all be affected by the incident. Why this difference? It is because of the combination of the three qualities called Satwa, Raja and Tamah in individual beings. A spiritual person shall not be affected by praise and insult. He shall remain steadfast in His Self(Atma Swarup, Krushna Swarup!). But, a common man will be affected. He can not remain without being affected. He may retaliate and the interaction may take an serious turn, including murder. Or, he may just bear the insult somehow for a length of time, short or long depending on his three qualities. After this time is over, he will act. He may cry, alone or openly; he may be revengeful and do something to harm the offender in some way or other to a small extent or to a great extent or, if he is very weak and incapable, he will curse. He will react like this compulsively because he has not practised the lessons taught by Lord Krushna in the Gita. All these actions and reactions create fruits (Karma phala) which are binding in nature. The totality of these ‘fruits’ decide the future placement of the individual(Jivatma) in two ways, in this world(Iiha Loka) and in the other world(Para Loka). These fruits are called sin(Paapa) and good work(Punya). My Husband, Lord Krushna teaches everyone to follow His instructions carefully and sincerely to overcome this binding nature of the actions-reactions etc. and completely eliminate both the accounts of sins(Paapa) and good work(Punya) in order to attain Moksha or Godhood and be placed in Parama Pada(Divine Throne). This can happen only by the grace of the Lord.

    In the article, you have concluded by saying that you have learnt a new thing. This is not true. You have learnt a wrong thing from my child, Ravishankar. The latter shall earn the displeasure of my Lord because he has successfully misguided lot of people, who trust in him, wrongly though. Again I am saying this. Do not take the teachings of God in Sanatana Dharma lightly. Take it seriously and utter a word only after you have realised God. Do not pronouince yourself as a Guru(Teacher) before that. HARI BOL! -DOOSRI RADHA(Debendra Kishore Panda, retired IG Police) Mob:9935867564. HARI BOL!

  2. Yashila says:

    there is ego then there is self respect

  3. Pankajeet says:

    there is a difference between confidence and ego quites

  4. Praveen Kumar Myakala says:

    Very Good article About Self Respect by RAVISHANKAR