Effects of Shani in 2nd House (Saturn Effects in 2nd House)

Effects of Shani in 2nd House, Saturn in 2nd House or Saturn in House of Wealth; Positive effects, negative effects of having Shani in 2nd House?

Positive effects of Saturn in 2nd house

The planet in House No. 8 and its orientation to Saturn will determine the effects of items related to Saturn. The native will enjoy good health but he would rarely visited temple. The native would be happy, kindhearted and helpful to others. Even though his finances will be average, his work life will be good and he will be self dependent.

When Saturn in House No. 2 becomes alive there will be a sense of detachment. When Moon is excellent he will have a happy and long life but father will be generally destroyed.

When Jupiter is in House No. 4 he will have a razor-sharp intellect and self-confidence.

When Ketu is in House No. 8 he will be innocent like a child. When Jupiter is in House No. 10 he will be religious and a Patriot.

Negative effects of Saturn in 2nd house

If Saturn is malefic it will cause troubles to in-laws from the date of engagement or marriage. As the native starts acquiring items of Saturn like houses, machines, vehicles the same would start disappearing from his in-laws house.

The native will face mischief of mercury but Jupiter will give benefic results.

In-laws will be driven to total poverty and Rahu in House No. 8 will cause the loss of in-laws. When Jupiter is in House No. 11 the native will be selfish and have poor reputation.

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