Effects of Shani in 2nd House (Saturn Effects in 2nd House)

Effects of Shani in 2ndĀ House, Saturn in 2nd HouseĀ or Saturn in House of Wealth; Positive effects, negative effects of having Shani in 2nd House? Positive effects of Saturn in 2nd house The planet in House No. 8 and its orientation to Saturn will determine the effects of items related to Saturn. The native will enjoy […]

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, 18 September 2013 – How Mahadev pacifies Kali (495 Episode)

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, 18 September 2013, Story tells how Mahadev pacifies Kali, 495 Episode. In episode 495 of Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, aired on 18th September 2013, Mahadev tries to control Kali’s anger Rishi Bhrigu and Rishi Kashyap decide to pacify Kali. They pray to Parvati for the welfare of the universe, and perform […]