Effects of Shani in 1st House (Saturn Ascendant)

Effects of Shani in 1st House (Saturn Ascendant) or Saturn in Lagna Position, What are the Positive effects, negative effects of having Shani in Lagna?

Benefic or Positive effects of Saturn in 1st house

When Saturn, Venus is in House No. 1 it will control the earnings of the native. If the Saturn is benefic the items related to Saturn will be beneficial.

When Mercury is in House No. 7 it will give results of Ketu in House No. 7 and a male child will be born. When Moon is benefic parents will get unlimited wealth till the period of Rahu Ketu Saturn.

When Rahu Ketu is in House No. 4, 10, similar to Mars in House No. 6, 12 Saturn will form fish line but if Mars is not malefic and is outside House No. 6, 12 it is not necessary that Saturn will form Crow line, but the effect of fish line will be only when its agents Rahu Ketu meet.

Malefic or Negative effects of Saturn in 1st house

Excessive hair on the body is a sign of poor Saturn. If the person gets addicted to liquor and romance he will be spoilt. If a house facing west is constructed, Saturn will give dual malefic results. It can destroy property and wealth of the native.

When Rahu Ketu is poor it will form a snake line and create obstruction in education and cause destruction.

When Mercury is malefic ancestral business will get adversely affected.

When Rahu, Ketu is poor and the planet in House No. 7, Saturn will become 3 times malefic and it will be bad for education, wealth and wife.

When Sun is in House No. 10, 11 it will give poor results of Venus and Mars causing bad luck for the native.

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