Effects of Shani in 11th House

Effects of Shani in 11th House, what are the positive effects & negative effects of Sun in 11th House?

Positive effects of Saturn in 11th house

Rahu and Ketu will determine the conduct of Saturn. The 40th year of the native will decide the fate of his life. If it is benefic for the native it can even turn soil into gold otherwise the result will be vice versa.

Saturn will protect the fortune of the native and clear the evil effects of Rahu and Ketu. Even though he may not have property of his own he will inherit wealth. He will be of religious nature.

When House No. 3 is blank Saturn will become dormant. Saturn will give benefic results when it comes to House No. 1.

When Venus is in House No. 7 the native will lead a comfortable life and have the capacity to give comfort to others.

When Mercury is not in House No. 3, Saturn will swear by Jupiter and will enhance benefic effects of all the planets.

Negative effects of Saturn in 11th house

If the native is addicted to alcohol it will reduce the benefic effects of Saturn.

If the native constructs a house in early age before 36 or 39 it will give negative results and can even cause death. A door facing South will damage the wealth.

Rumours will be indicators of negative effects of Saturn. Items related to Mercury like daughter, sister will be in malefic condition. Changing the direction of door of the house from east to west or north to south will bring misfortune. The education of the native will get disrupted.

When Mercury is afflicted Saturn will become useless.

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