Holi Festival Celebrations in South India, Ritual of Kamadahan

Holi festival is celebrated with utmost gaiety in South India states – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Holi 2023 date is March 6|7|8. People in South India worship the Hindu God of Love, Kama (also known as Manmadha, Vasanth) during the festival of colors, Holi. Puranas describe the tremendous sacrifice of Kamadeva for […]

Eco-friendly Holi colours: How to prepare natural Holi colours

Eco-friendly or natural colours are very harmless and ineffective to our skin and hair. Chemical and other artificial colors can harm our skin and cause skin diseases. Apart from no-action on our health, natural colours also inflict minimal or cause no harm on the environment. Buy and share natural colours to contribute to our safe […]

Buy Natural Colours in Pune and Mumbai for Holi 2018

If you wandering where to buy or purchase natural colours for Holi 2018 in Pune and Mumbai, then here is the list of shops and stores that sell herbal and safe eco-friendly colours. It is to note that Holi 2018 dates are – March 1. Shops or stores to buy Natural colours for Holi 2018 in Pune: […]

Certified Organic Holi colours for Holi 2015 from Organica

ORGANICA PURE FARM PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. has now launched an herbal-based gulal that is made exclusively with medicinal herbs and is not only fragrant and safe but also therapeutic in many ways. They are India’s first certified organic Holi colours to help people enjoy a safer and healthier Holi 2015. Now available in fresh green, […]

Herbal Colours for Holi 2014, Tihar Jail inmates preparing Natural dry colours

Using herbal colours or natural colours is the theme for Holi 2014. Since global warming, environmental safety, and harmful gasses emission have been hurting the globe in a big scale, its very essential to shift from using chemical colours to herbal and eco-friendly colours for Holi. A group of 50 inmates at Tihar’s Jail no […]

Natural Holi Colours at Dcube & Daram Hyderabad: Eco-friendly Holi Colours

The theme of Holi 2013 is eco-friendly, natural and herbal colours. Celebrate a safe Holi with ‘Rang Dulaar’ from EcoExist that bring you Natural Holi colours. These colours are free from any chemical content and have been made by the women of the Malnad Seed Collective, Sirsi. The genesis of Rang Dulaar was the Safe […]

Eco-friendly Holi and Natural colours initiative by NGRAU Hyderabad

How to make natural holi colours and how to celebrate holi with eco-friendly colors? Here is the straight answer – buy natural and eco-friendly holi colours from Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural Universitys Home Science department value chain and celebrate Holi in healthy manner. To avoid the usage of chemical colours, NGRAU has taken their initiative […]