Dushyanth Sridhar

Dushyanth Sridhar was born in the year 1986, and he is a Hindu religious preacher and a devotional writer. He delivers divine discourses in Tamil and English, and he has thoroughly learnt the Hindu scriptures and delivers discourses in India and abroad, and his program is also telecasted in TV Channels. We can see his Videos in YouTube also. He also helps the devotees to visit ancient Vishnu temples through travel agencies.

Dushyanth Sridhar was born into a pious Hindu family at Bengaluru. He studied Sanskrit, Hindu Divine texts and the Vedas at his young age itself. After graduating from BITS, Pilani in the year 2008, he served in the corporate sector and in the year 2016, he quits his job, and became a full time religious preacher, and delivers lectures on television channels as well as in public gatherings.

He also used to perform religious discourses with Carnatic vocalists. He restored and repaired ancient Vishnu temples with the help of donations received from the volunteers. He has received many awards for his great contribution in the spiritual field. He would delivers his divine lectures in such a manner, that even an uneducated person would be able to understand his lectures, and he would eagerly listen to his lectures.

Dushyanth Sridhar is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and visited many holy temples of Vishnu. He is also interested in reading spiritual books, and developed great spiritual thoughts in his mind.

Through his noble service, he spread the “HARI BHAKTI” in the minds of the people, and made them to realize the importance of worshipping Lord Hari. He used to insist the people to read the divine texts like Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita in order to cleanse their mind. Dushyanth contains wisdom, courage and divine knowledge, and he still guides many people to attain the spiritual path, through his wonderful spiritual lectures.


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