V.C. Chengalvaraya Pillai

V.C. Chengalvaraya Pillai was born in a village in South Arcot District, Tamil Nadu during the year 1883 in a pious Tamil Hindu family. His father was a devotee of Lord Shiva, and he used to chant the Shiva Mantra regularly, and he worked as a writer in the High Court. He used to read […]

Sahadeo Tiwari | Sanatan Dharma Sevak

Sahadeo Tiwari was born in a village in Bihar in the year 1892. He came to Trinidad, Spain, and worked as a labourer in the year 1912, and after some time he was married to a noble lady and had children out of the marriage. In the year 1932, Tiwari established The Sanatan Dharma Board […]

Dushyanth Sridhar

Dushyanth Sridhar was born in the year 1986, and he is a Hindu religious preacher and a devotional writer. He delivers divine discourses in Tamil and English, and he has thoroughly learnt the Hindu scriptures and delivers discourses in India and abroad, and his program is also telecasted in TV Channels. We can see his […]