Durga Puja 2010 preparations in Barisal city of Bangladesh

Durga Puja is the biggest Hindu festival in Bangladesh, especially in Barisal city where more than 360 puja mandops will celebrate Sharodiya Durga Utsob in 2010. Barisal is a city on the northern shore of Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. Sculptors of Durga idols started their work for making Protima in puja mandops. The New Nation, Bangladesh’s Independent News Source, reports:

This year 362 Puja Mandops in the district including 30 with 24 mass (Sarbojonin) and 6 personal (Bektigato) Mandops of Barisal city. Besides Durga Puja would also be held at 12 Mandops of Sadar, 122 Mandops of Agoiljhara, 63 Mandops of Gournadi, 44 Mandops of Wazirpur, 26 Mandops of Bakerganj, 25 Mandops of Banaripara, 12 Mandops of Mehendiganj, 12 Mandops of Bauganj, 10 Mandops of Muladi and 06 Mandops of Hizla upazilas this year. Mandops would colorfully and beautifully decorated with gates, electric lights and cultural functions, Aroti competitions, would also be arranged in almost every Puja Mandop, committee sources added.

Religious discussions and other programs also are held on this occasion at Dharma Rakkkhini and Ramakrishna Mission Math Mandops of the city. The well decorated Mandpos and sculptor of finest idols would also be awarded prizes. On behalf of the community they urged the people and administration to observe the festival peacefully maintaining law and order, disciplines with religious coexistence, tolerance and harmony during the Sharodiya Durga Puja Utsob and visit the mandops.

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    Your post is really great. Can you show us some nice photos of Puja, too? We have a website where we started writing about culture of Bangladesh. If you want to see it and if you can help with any information, we would be glad to have it.

    Check the Durga Puja photo here