Dont cheat others

Some people would prefer to live a comfortable life with others earnings. If a person seems to be an innocent, and if he didn’t have proper support, then his friends, relatives and even some unknown strangers might take advantage of his innocence and would try to cheat him. In this today’s world, we cannot even believe ourselves, since unknowingly we may also sometimes harm ourselves. Nowadays lot of people want to get money without doing hard work, and they want to settle themselves by the way of doing fraudulent activities.

Cheating others and getting money through unfair activities is similar to eating food from someone’s plate. Only if we earn income through our hard work, the food we eat would get digested in our stomach, or otherwise, due to our sinful activities, in course of time, we may have to suffer from various kinds of incurable diseases.

As per Mahabharata, the great Salliya had once had a grand feast offered by Duryodana. Due to that, in his next birth, though he was a Haridasa, he suffered from severe stomach pain, and after praying to Lord Hari, he had relieved from his stomach pain. Likewise, we should eat food only in the homes of good people, or otherwise we would suffer from stomach related diseases, either in our present birth or in our subsequent births.

Some people used to think, that if they cheat others, nothing would happen to them, and with that thoughts in their mind, they would commit more and more crimes in their lives. But actually our each and every activity is watched by the almighty, and he would give suitable results based on our actions.

Doing wrong activities would give great pleasure only for a short period of time, and after some time, the wrong doers would be punished for their offences.

In some families, even some of the close relatives might do black magic to their relative, if they found that their relative is very rich and active. But they would realize their mistake only at their later stage of life, especially when they lay down in their sick bed. But worrying about the wrong deeds done by them, during their old age would not relieve them from their sins. Hence let us help others, and by the way of doing, we would get an opportunity to seethe joyful faces of the people, who have benefitted from our help.


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