Sant Dnyaneshwar (Jnaneshwar, Jnanadeva, Dnyandev, Mauli)

Sant Dnyaneshwar

Sant Dnyaneshwar

Dnyaneshwar (1275–1296) was a Marathi saint and a poet of the Vaishnava tradition. He was the author of Dnyaneshwari (a detailed explanation on the contents of Bhagavad Gita) and also written a sacred text known as Amrutanubhav, which was widely praised by the Marathi people for its simplicity.He was regarded as the best poet during his time by the great kings and by the common people.


Dnyaneshwar was born in a Brahmin family in a village at Maharashtra. His father has served as an Accountant in his village. His parents were died at his younger age, and Dhyaneshwar and his brothers and sister Muktabai become saints.

He was the close associate of Saint Namdev and together they formed the bhakti movement, and spread the spirituality among the people, and they visited many sacred places and worshipped the gods.

Dnyaneshwar was the disciple of his own brother Nivruttinath. His samadhi lies in the Siddhesvara Temple complex in Alandi. Many people are visiting his place and getting benefitted by worshipping him.


He has performed many miracles during his life time, such as giving back life to a dead person, and cured several dreaded diseases and given peace of mind to the people, and changed their behaviour by giving spiritual discussions, and made them to move towards the correct path of life.

Once, he made a buffalo to chant the vedas, when he was challenged by the learned scholars. He took mercy on all the living creatures, and treated them in a good manner. He has advised the people to treat the animals in a kind manner and to provide them with proper food, in order to make them to live peacefully.

According to his saying, “Sufferings are common to both the human beings and all the living creatures, take care of them with much care and show affection on to them, then you will be immediately blessed by the divine gods in the heaven”.

According to him, Devotion to Guru is very important than worshipping the god.

1. Dnyaneshwari or Bhavarthdipika
2. Amrutanubhava or Anubhavamrita
3. Changdev Pasashti
4. Haripath
5. Abhangas
6. Commentary on Yoga Vasistha
7. Pavana-Vijaya
8. Pancikarana


Sri Dnyaneshwar was a great saint and lived a pure life, without allowing any bad thoughts in his mind. He was admired for his knowledge,wisdom and courage, and he looks like a bright sun, who still bless us from the divine world. He lived a simple life and not interested in any material comforts and luxuries, and also taken only simple food throughout his life.

Let us worship him with full of devotion in our mind, chant his glory, and be blessed.

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