Diwali 2011 Muhurat – Dhanteras, Lakshmi Puja 2011 and Chopda Pujan Muhurat Time 2011

Here you can get details for dates and time of Diwali 2011 puja muhurat along with Dhanteras Lakshmi Puja time, Kali Choudash Puja muhurat, Chopda Pujan and Sharda Pujan muhuratham, Diwali (Deepavali) is an auspicious time to perform Lakshmi Puja, Sharda Pujan, Chopda Pujan, and Kali Puja. Diwali Puja begins on Dhanteras and ends with Labh Pancham puja as per Gujarati calendar. It is to note that Pushya Nakshatra during Diwali is considered as highly auspicious muhurat for trading, and to start new ventures or business. Pushya Nakshatra during Diwali 2011 date is 20 October 2011.

The first day of Diwali is Dhanteras – 24 October 2011 (Dhanteras Lakshmi Puja). Second day of Diwali is Kali Choudash – 25 October 2011 – Narak Chaturdashi (Kali Pooja and Kali Yantra Puja) – Roop Choudash. Third day of Diwali is Deepavali – 26 October 2011 – Diwali Lakshmi Pujan, Sharda Pujan, and Chopda Pujan. Fourth day of Deepavali is Annakut – 27 October 2011 – Govardhan Puja. Fifth day of Diwali is Bhai Bij – 28 October 2011 – Gujarati New Year – Nutan Varsh.

Here is the detailed calendar of Diwali 2011 Puja muhurat – auspicious time to perform Diwali puja:

Dhanteras 2011: Laxmi Pooja – Aaso Vad Dwadasi (Ashwin Krishna Dwadashi / Kartik Krishna 12) – October 24, 2011. Muhurat time:


6.41 am to 8.05 am

9.33 am to 11 am

1.51 pm to 6.05 pm


The best muhurat is 6.05 pm to 7.31 pm


10.23 pm to 12.23 midnight

Kali Chaudash 2011: Kali Pooja and Yantra Pooja – Aaso Vad Trayodashi (Ashwin Krishna Trayodashi / Kartik Krishna 13) – October 25, 2011.

Deepavali or Diwali 2011: Lakshmi Pujan, Sharda Poojan and Chopda Pujan – Aaso Vad Chaturdashi (Ashwin Krishna Chaturdasi / Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi) – October 26, 2011. Muhruat Time:

As per Choghadiya

Morning: 6:42 am to 9.36 am

Noon: 11:03 am to 12:30 pm

Noon: 3:24 pm to 6:05 pm

Evening: 7:38 pm to 12:17 am Midnight

In some places Diwali is also celebrated on Aasho Amavas – Ashwin Amavasya / Kartik Amavasya.

Annakut and Govardhan Puja are also celebrated on October 27, 2011.

Annakut, Govardhan Puja, Gujarati New Year : 27 October 2011, Thursday, Kartak Sud 1

Morning: 6.43 am to 8.10 am
Noon: 11.03 am to 3.24 pm

Gujarati New Year (Nutan Varsh) (Vikram Samvar 2068) / Bhai Bij – October 27, 2011. (Karatk Sud 1)

28 October 2011, Friday, Bhaibij, Kartak Sud 2

Labh Pancham (Gnan Panchami) – Kartak Sud Panchami – 31 October 2011.

Hindupad is very thankful to Shri Pandit Chandrakant Sharma of Gujarat who helped us in posting this information for you.

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