DivyaDesams | 108 Sacred Vishnu Temples

Lord Vishnu Art Pictures Hd

Lord Vishnu Art Pictures Hd

DivyaDesams are the 108 sacred Vishnu temples, and these temples were sung by the great Alvar Saints in the holy text, ‘Nalayira Divya Prabandam’, which is considered as sacred texts by the devotees of Lord Vishnu.Out of the 108 temples,106 temples are situated in the earth, and the remaining two is situated in Sri Vaikunta.

All these temples are considered similar to the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta, and each of the DivyaDesam temples contains its own importance, since in these temples, the great Alvars have gloried Lord Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi.

Out of the DivyaDesam temples, Sri Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangam and Sri Parthasarathy temple at Triplicane are considered as very sacred temples. Srirangam temple had attained its great significance, since Sri Ramanuja had served in the temple for many years with sincerity and devotion. And Sri PeyAlvar, who was one of the twelve Alvar saints, used to visit the Parthasarathy Temple, situated at Triplicane, Chennai, along with Poigar Alvar, Thirumazhisai Alvar and BootathAlvar, and he also sang songs in praise of Lord Vishnu, and due to that, Parthasarathy Swamy Temple attracts large number of devotees throughout the year.

Similarly the Tirupati Venkateshwara Temple is also one among the DivyaDesams, and most of us know about the sanctity of this place, especially about its famous Laddus, busy crowd, good atmosphere surrounded by mountains etc. And it is very famous for providing nutritious free food to its devotees regularly, and the great Madhwa saint Sri Vyasaraja had served as the Chief priest in this holy temple for some period of time.

There are lots and lots of Hindu temples in India, and Lord Vishnu is considered as the protector god, and he has incarnated as Lord Krishna during the previous dwaparayuga, and has shown his true form to his devotees. The great almighty is having his abode in various places in the earth, in order to reduce our sufferings, and he make us into calm and cool. By visiting the sacred temples of Lord Vishnu, our mind would be relaxed, and we would be able to lead a tension-less life.

Though at present it is not possible to visit the entire 106 Vishnu Temples in the earth, at least we can get the divine darshan of those temples, by watching the videos of the Divyadesam temples in the YouTube channel.

God is always ready to help us, and he didn’t expect wealth from us, but he expects only our true love, bhakti and sincerity on him.


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