Divine Thoughts

Thinking about the great almighty and realizing him gives pleasantness to us. There is a lot of difference between thinking about humans and god. If we keep on thinking about our relatives, friends and our well-wishers, sometime or other time, we would get tiredness. But if we keep on thinking about the almighty, we would never lose our interest on him, and at the same time, we would get immeasurable happiness and a sense of satisfaction, which we could never get anywhere else.

Actually, god is patiently waiting before us for giving his blessings, and looking us in a kind manner. But since we are all ordinary humans, we are unable to identify him, and also we are spending most of our time on recreational activities. We are finding happiness on watching TV, Chatting in the Mobile, spending our time in Laptops by watching Movies, and talking with others. Spending some time on entertainment media is always welcome, but at the same time, we should also allocate more time on thinking about the god, about his wonderful creations, his magnificent powers, his glory and his kindness etc.

Similar to thinking about the almighty, we have to maintain good relationship with him, by expressing our feelings in front of his picture, and by way of doing puja, in order to avoid our loneliness. God always wants us to live a happy life, and during the times of our difficulties, god is also getting worried, like our kind mother, and he tries his level best to remove the problems in our life.

One thing we should always keep it in our mind is, at the time of our death, nothing would come along with us, except our good karmas and our good thoughts on god.

Continuous interaction with people would sometimes bring enmity, quarrels and misunderstandings. Whereas interacting with the almighty would always bring joyfulness to us, and our mind would be like a free bird, without any tensions and sorrows. Interaction with god can be easily done through meditation. Constant meditation helps us to receive the grace of the almighty, and it would be helpful to us to run our life smoothly and successfully.

While thinking about god or while doing meditation, we should forget about our day to day problems, and we must have to divert our full attention on him, by chanting the mantras and singing songs in praise of him.

Let us have good relationship with the god, by frequently interacting with him.


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