Divine Letters written by Andal Ma to Lord Krishna

Goddess Andal

Goddess Andal

Divine Letters written by Andal Ma to Lord Krishna… Andal is the female Alvar, and she is also a great poet and saint, who had dedicated her entire life towards worshipping Lord Vishnu, by considering him as his holy avatar Lord Krishna. She is believed to have been born during the 7th century AD at Srivilliputhur.

Andal was brought up by Periazhwar, who was a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he used to wear garland to Perumal every day. It is believed that one day, Andal has worn the garland before dedicating it to the God. Periazhwar, was very much upset with this incident. And then Lord Vishnu appeared on his dream, and asked him to dedicate the garland which was worn by Ma Andal.

It is also believed that Lord Krishna (Since both Lord Vishnu and Krishna are considered as one and the same) married Andal, and who later merged with the God. Before merging with Lord Krishna, Ma Andal has written wonderful divine (Love) letters to Lord Krishna, and the contents from some of those letters are as follows:-

Oh my Dear Lord Krishna, you have easily killed your enemies with your great powers. You are the lovely son of Nanda gopa and Ma Yasodha, you used to wear nice fragrant flower garlands, looks very pretty with your wonderful costumes, contains lotus eyes, contains the face of the bright sun, you are our worshipful Lord Vishnu. After falling in love with you, I am finding it very difficult even to eat and sleep properly!

Oh, my dear Krishna, let me fall on your holy lotus feet, with full of love, dedication and devotion, you are the one who sleeps on the divine ocean of milk, the great ‘PARKADAL’, contains lot of attractive features, you always acts gently and softly towards your devotees, you are the one who would free us from our sorrows, and would relieve us from our worldly bondages. After falling in love with you, my entire thoughts are focussed only on you, you and you only!

Oh my dear Krishna, let me sing songs in praise of you, let me keep on dance and dance, and cherish your divine beauty, you are the one, Who had measured the entire universe with your little lotus foot, who gives happiness to us, who makes the birds to fly, makes the fish to swim, makes the bees to sip the honey, makes the cows to pour milk, makes the insects to crawl, makes the animals and the people in the earth to walk, and you activates all the living beings through your great powers, whose powers cannot be measured fully by anyone in the universe. After considering you as my lovely consort, I am very anxious in uniting with you!

Oh My dear Krishna, let me always keep worshipping my dear Lord, you act as the rain in the parched, dry and drought desert regions, you act as an umbrella to us during rainy season, you acts as the food and water to us during the times of hunger and thirst, you makes us to properly function by dwelling on our soul, you blows the holy conch which gives a melodious sound, and invokes your Chakra to the cruel ones, I worship you sincerely, in order to make this world happy, and let me joyfully take the early morning bath in month of Margazhi, in order to worship my dear Lord Krishna on my soul. After I found you on my soul, I decided that henceforth, I have to worship you more and more sincerely!

Oh my Dear Krishna, I am finding great pleasure on keep chanting your glorious names, in order to receive great comfort from you. Let me sleep on your lap since you are my precious dear Lord. You are always eagerly waiting for my call, and respond to me immediately, and would come forth for rescuing me from the troubles. I am getting unlimited pleasure by reciting your wonderful names, like Gopala, Govinda, Madusudhana, Achutha, Ananda, Adikesava, Mukunta and Amala. I have been attracted with you like the bee which gets attracted with the tasty honey. I have fully lost my consciousness on this world, since I have developed strong bondage on you!

Oh my Dear Krishna, I can see the precious divine child Krishna on each and every one, since I am worshipping you sincerely. I am mesmerised very much with your pleasing divine smile. I am able to find you on all the objects present in the earth. Even if the creator god Brahma could not tell about your entire significance, then how could I tell about your full significance? You are greater than even Lord Shiva, since Lord Shiva himself chants the Mantra, “OM SRI KRISHNAYA NAMAHA”. I have no other words to praise, since whatever word come from my mouth shall be considered only as praises, and I used to sing only in praise of you, since you have occupied fully on my heart!

You are the one who never cheats your sincere devotees and you are present on all the objects in the universe. You are being praised by Lord Brahma, Indra, Shiva and all other devas in order to get your blessings. You are my wonderful Lord, Lovely consort, the great Divine Master. Oh Krishna, you are everything for me! You are consoling your devotees like their affectionate mother remove their tears and providing sufficient food and water to them. You cannot be ignored by anyone in this world, since you are the only god!


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