Differences between Rama and Krishna

Krishna Rama

Krishna Rama

Though we cannot find any major differences, between the two avatars, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, still some small differences exist between them. And those differences are as follows:-

1. Lord Rama had incarnated in the Treta Yuga, while Lord Krishna had incarnated in the Dwapara Yuga.

2. Lord Rama didn’t use super powers in killing the demons, and he used only his bow and arrow, while Lord Krishna had killed many demons using his super natural powers.

3. While Lord Rama was born in a palace, Lord Krishna was born in a prison.

4. Lord Rama didn’t revealed his full (Divine form), throughout his Rama Avatar, while Lord Krishna had revealed his Vishwaroopa form for a few times before others in his Krishna Avatar.

5. The colour of Lord Rama is green, whereas the colour of Lord Krishna is blue.

6. Adisesha had incarnated as Lakshmana, who was Lord Rama’s younger brother, while Adisesha had incarnated as Balarama, who was the elder brother of Lord Krishna.

7. Lord Rama had lived in the forest for a period of 14 years, while Lord Krishna didn’t stayed for such a long time in the forest, but he frequently met the Pandavas in the forest during the time of their exile.

8. Lord Rama married only once, and only to Ma Sita, whereas, Lord Krishna had married several times, and with thousands of pious women.

9. The Rama Mantra is considered to be most auspicious than that of the Sri Krishna Mantra.

10. Lord Rama’s lifetime was thousands of years, while Lord Krishna lived only for 125 years in the earth.

11. Lord Rama’s life contains full of miseries and sorrows, while Lord Krishna lived a happy life.

12. Lord Rama patiently waited on the banks of the ocean, in order to meet Lord Varuna, while Lord Krishna went straight to the Varuna Loka and met Lord Varuna, when some of the servants of Lord Varuna mistakenly brought Krishna’s father Sri Nandagopa, to the Varuna Loka.

13. Rama sent several spies to make peace talks with Ravana, and finally killed Ravana using his powerful arrow, while Lord Krishna warned his uncle Kamsa only for a few times, and since he disobeyed him, Krishna killed him easily with his powerful hands.

14. Bhagavatham, which tells about the life history of Lord Krishna, is considered as more auspicious than that of the Ramayan, which tells about the life history of Lord Rama.


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  1. hardipgill2013@gmail.com says:

    What great lords were Rama and krishna.? I always bow my head to them. We should learn from their teachings so that we can also pass a life under the blessings of these great lords. My thousands of Namaskar to them.