Dhyanalinga, What is Dhyanalinga?

Dhyanalinga is a Yogic temple situated in Southern part of India. It is exactly located 30 kilometers from Coimbatore. It is sanctified by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, who is a yogi and a mystic. It is a Yogic temple which has a space for meditation which is not assigned to any particular religion or sect. In Sanskrit, ‘Dhyana’ is meditation and ‘Linga’ is form. Dhyanalinga explains the Belief that when a person reaches to highest stage of meditation, his energy levels will be in a shape of ‘Linga’, thereby acquiring the highest spiritual energy.

In the temple, the Linga has been created in such a way that one who is unaware of meditation will also experience the power of meditation. A Linga is a perfect ellipsoid, which is capable of holding maximum amount of energy. It is believed that one does not require devotion to experience the sanctity of Dhyanalinga. The power of meditation is the required parameter. Anyone who spends time meditating in the sphere of Dhyanalinga, he can experience the Godliness.

Dhyanalinga radiates different qualities on all the seven days of the week, which are beneficial to the human race in all the walk of life. It radiates the qualities of removing the fear of death, helping in fertility and child birth, cleansing the body and the mind, improving mental stability, imagination power and intuition. It also radiates the qualities of well-being and developing physical strength and self confidence, qualities for improving the natural strengths like Love, Freedom and Devotion. All these help to build the spiritual awareness and evolution of man in various spheres of life.

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