Sant Dharanidas

Dharanidas was born in a low class family in North India in 16th century A.D, and at his younger age itself he became a disciple of Saint DaduDayal and got good education, and was familiar with Hindu Divine texts, and become a saint. After the death of his guru, he fully concentrated his attention on spirituality, and followed the principles of his guru, and lived a saintly life. After some time, he travelled throughout North India and spread the importance of his guru’s sect Dandupanth.

He had written lot of devotional articles.In these works, he mentioned the importance of his guru Dadu, and asked his followers to follow the principles of his guru, in order to attain salvation. He also asked the people to do good things to others, and to control their senses, and to follow the spiritual path in their life.


Saint Dharanidas had attained the eternal bliss of the god, and got enlightenment at his younger age itself, and he was very much interested in reading spiritual books, and became a great saint at his teenage. He left comforts and luxuries, and lived a noble life as per the wishes of his guru Sri DADU DAYAL JI. He also gave spiritual discourses to the people for living a peaceful life and prosperous life.

His famous teachings are as follows:

1. Worship your guru and follow his instructions, and act obediently with him. By doing that you would get all kinds of prosperity in your life.

2. Develop the habit of reading spiritual books and listen to spiritual discourses in order to get spiritual energy.

3. Get the glory of god,by doing good things to others, and do yoga and meditation, for a good health.

4. Show Kindness on all the living beings in the earth, and respect all the women, and consider them as your own mother, sister and daughter. Don’t differentiate between the wealthy and poor.Keep your mind with purity.

5. Remove your bad habits and always be gentle with others.

6. Don’t commit sins, and don’t worry about death. Utilize this life in a good manner, in order to lead a peaceful life.

7. Always think about doing good things in your life.

Many people were attracted with his remarkable lectures and adopted his religious sect, and became his followers and disciples. He had done many social services for the welfare of the poor people. He was a kind, pious and a humble saint, who lived an honest life throughout in his life.

He was a well-educated person and was thorough in religious texts. He had only simple food, and spent most of his time in doing goodness to others. He was not attracted with riches and other sorts of worldly pleasures. He followed the principles of his guru and spread it among the people, and after his death, due to his noble acts, he has attained SALVATION.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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