Devudu Narasimha Sastry

Devudu Narasimha Sastry (1895–1962) was a famous Kannada writer and a scholar. His guru was Vaidhyanatha Shastri. He learnt the Vedas and Sanskrit from his guru, and he was famous in penning devotional poems also.

He wrote and published lot of beautiful novels, and in the year 1947, he published a novel containing the life history of the great sage Vishwamitra and he also wrote books on Hindu deities. By praising his efficiency, he was given the Sahitya Akademi Award by the Government of India. He wrote a famous work on the life of sage Yajnavalkya.


1. Commentary on Mimansa

2. Mayura

3. Antaranga

4. MahaBrahmana

5. Mahaksatriya

6. MahaDarshana

7. Karanataka Samskruti

8. AvalaJanma

9. Ramayanada Mahapurusharu

Some of the verses from his great texts are as follows:

1. Sage Viswamitra contains great spiritual powers, and he has formed a new heaven.

2. Viswamitra had guided Lord Rama and Lakshmana, and he taught various kinds of education, and he trained them in archery.

3. Viswamitra is still living in the Rishi Mandala by doing penance on the Trimurtis and the Tridevis.

4. Viswamitra had guided lot of people in spirituality, and helped them to reach Heaven.

5. Though he was born in Kshatriya Caste, through his meditative powers, he was considered similar to a Brahmin sage, and hence, he was praised as Brahma Rishi by the great sage Sri Vasishta.

6. Lord Rama is the noble avatar of Lord Vishnu, and by chanting his mantra “JAI SRIRAM”, we can attain Salvation.

7. In this Kaliyuga, if we don’t have the grace of the almighty, we have to suffer a lot. Hence we must have to sincerely worship the divine deities, in order to remove our bad karmas, and to reduce our sufferings.


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