Devraha Baba | Ageless Yogi who lived for 250 Years

Devraha Baba

Devraha Baba

Devraha Baba (20th century) was a spiritual saint who lived in the banks of the Holy River Yamuna in Mathura. It is believed that he lived for 250 years.

Similar to Shirdi Baba, the details about his younger age was unknown. He came to Dewar in Deoria district, Uttar Pradesh, and hence the local villagers started calling him as Devraha Baba. Initially, he lived his life by doing daily labour works.After some time, he left his job, and became a spiritual saint, and he has established an ashram and resided in Vrindavan, and done meditation on Lord Krishna on the banks of the holy river Mata Yamuna till the end of his life.

He began to guide the people and developed the spirituality in the minds of the people, and he was considered as the spiritual guide to everyone, and he was against caste discrimination, and didn’t see any differentiation between the rich and the poor, men and women, good and bad, and equally treated them, and some times, he used to hit the bad people with his stick, in order to remove their sins, and devotees would not oppose against his actions, and accept it as his blessings. Village people were his favourite persons, and he would affectionately treat them, and give his immediate blessings to them. He used to provide fruits to the monkeys and birds nearby his Ashram. Lot of politicians visited his ashram and gained in their life.

He used to regularly bath in the river Yamuna in the early morning, and Mata Yamuna would emerge from the river and would give her immense blessings to him. He has got such a great Bhakti and Shakti, which we can’t even imagine in the present scenario. He died in the year 1990.

Let us worship the noble saint and be blessed.

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