Dev Narayan Ji Virajmaan, Jhadota (Dev Narayanji Temple) in Rajasthan

Dev Narayan Ji Virajmaan is a famous Temple located at Jhadota village of Baran district in Rajasthan. This temple was built in 1675 AD.

Why Dev Narayan Ji Virajmaan was established?

As the popular belief goes, once Shri Fateh Singhji, Jagirdar of Jhadota was resting at night, in his dream he saw Lord Dev Narayanji and told him that the place he was sleeping should be the site for his temple and that his idol should be installed in the temple. The visitors who would come for darshan will have relief and redemption from all troubles. This strange dream inspired Shri Fateh Singhji to construct this temple.

The deity is – the Statue of Shri Dev Narayan ji and that of horse are carved.

Religious significance of the Temple

The people have a great faith for the deity here. The diseased and unhappy people come to the temple with their prayers for relief. The believed that skin disease and serious ailments like T.B. are also cured by the grace of Lord Deve Naryan ji. To test whether the wish would be fulfilled or not a leaf of the tree is placed on the idol of Lord Dev Naryan ji. If the leaf comes down into a bowl, it is believed that the wish would be fulfilled.

Timings of the Temple

7 AM to 7 PM.

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