Lets do Good Deeds on Amavasya days

Let’s do lot of good deeds during Amavasya Days, by worshipping our Kula Devata (Family Deity), and our Ishta Devata (Beloved Deity). We have to worship Lord Chandra Bhagavan also during Amavasya days, since Amavasya is called as a no moon day. Pitru Tharpanam must be done by those who don’t have father/mother, and after finishing the Pitru Tharpanam ritual, they must provide food items to humans, animals, birds and even to insects like ants.

Since Hiranyakashipu was killed by Narasimha, and since, Prahlada was the main person behind the death of his father Hiranyakashipu, it is believed that still now Prahlada performs Pitru Tharpanam rituals to his father Hiranyakashipu on the banks of the holy River Ganges at Varanasi City, by taking an invisible form, and this wonderful incident was mentioned in one of the ancient holy texts of Hinduism. If a divine person like the great Prahalada still does Pitru Tharpanam to his wicked father, even after the completion of several Yugas, then why can’t we perform Pitru Tharpanam Rituals to our deceased father/mother?

Pitru Tharpanam Rituals can be done by reciting the Mantras mentioned in the Pitru Tharpanam books, and also we can hear the Pitru Tharpanam Mantras by listening to some YouTube Channels. We can also watch the YouTube Videos of the Thingalur Chandra Bhagavan Temple during Amavasya days,and the ancient temple is situated just a few kilometres far away from the sacred Kumbakonam City.

Apart from those who have lost their parents, even all others can perform Annadanam (Food Donation) and Vastradanam (Cloth Donation) during the auspicious Amavasya day, in order to reduce the malice effects of the planetary position present in our birth chart also called as Jathakam in Tamil. Worshipping the Kula Devata is considered to be a noble act on Amavasya and Pournami days, since our various doshams including Pitru doshams would be reduced to a certain extent, and we would be able to travel our life journey without much difficulty.

During Amavasya days, We can visit the places of those road side dwellers, and can help them by building small homes for them, at least in the form of huts, since doing Graha Danam (Earth Donation) is considered as a best deed, since we are able to give a covered roof for them, thus by giving them a shelter for privacy, and also helping them to lead a prestigious life, in front of others. People those who belongs to Christianity and Islam can also worship their respective gods during the Amavasya and Pournami Days, and they can also offer food, butter milk, fruit juices to the poor people, thus by helping them to quench their thirst and by removing their hunger.

Since I have been born on an auspicious Amavasya day, and since I am regularly doing some good activities during Amavasya days, hence, I am insisting the readers also to do at least some good activities on this wonderful Amavasya Day.


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