Debdaru Fatak Club Durga Puja 2012

Debdaru Fatak Club has come up with the theme of “Straw Craft” for this year’s Durga Puja. It is one of the rare art forms which is carried solely by Pradipta Kumar Nayek who resides in the Dhenkenal district of Odisha who has also received the Presidents Award for his craft.

In this unique art form, when the upper portion of the straw is left out , a thin stick comes out which is ripped using a blade and is pasted on a sheet of paper making it flat and straight. On a board, a piece of cloth is pasted. Then the paper pasted with straw is cut using a pair of scissors into the finest designs to create various paintings. No colours or brush is used for this one. Its a never before seen work of art and is a laborious and strenuous process.

The artist is expected to create this magic before the pandal hoppers. The pandal is being designed by Artist Sanjib Saha whose innovation would create a wonderful ambience all around.

The Puja was started in the year 1972 and from the year 2005 onwards, the theme puja started. Some of the themes and popular awards of the organisation is mentioned below:

2011 “Shuva and Ashuva”

2010 “Dolls of different district of West Bengal” ( Pratham Alo Naturoma Award)

2009 “ Bamboo Industry of Bankura” ( CTVN Best Puja Award)

2008 “Different pictures on canvas” (Nalanda Group of Management Education Award)

2007 “Global Warming” (CESC Telegraph True Spirit Award)

2006 “Canvas of Cards” (Rotary Club Best Puja Award)


Debdaru Fatak Club

14 No Bus Stand

Behala , South Kolkata

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