Bhakta Dayaram

Dayaram (1777–1853) was a Gujarati poet and he was well known in Gujarati literature and he was a strict follower of Vaishnavism. Similar to the great Vittal devotees, Narsi Mehta, Tukaram and Meera, he is considered as a main person in the Krishna Bhakti movement in Gujarat.

Dayaram was born in the year 1777 in Chanod, Gujarat on the banks of the Holy Narmada River in a pious Gujarati Brahmin family. Though he has not completed his school education, he was interested in singing devotional songs on Lord Krishna in the Vishnu temples. Due to the death of his parents,he lived with his relatives in a village at Gujarat.

At his teenage, Dayaram began to travel throughout India, and visited many Hindu religious places, and worshipped the deities. His guru was Ichchharam Bhatt and he learnt the divine subjects from him.

He has become a saint by Vallabhaji Maharaj and was fully initiated in the Bhakti path. His style of poems differentiates from other poems, and he used to write very simple and easily readable poems.

Dayaram was a devotional poet in Gujarat. Apart from writing poems and singing devotional songs on Lord Krishna, he used to perform religious discourses on Bhagavatham and Vishnu Purana in the temples, and shared his spiritual knowledge with others. Due to his sincere bhakti, once Lord Krishna gave his darshan, and blessed him.

He lived a simple and a saintly life, and after his death, it is believed that he has attained SALVATION through the grace of Lord Krishna.

Let us worship the great saint-poet and be blessed.


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