Dasha Mata | Goddess Dasha Maa

Dasha Mata

Dasha Mata

There is a popular shrine in Ahmadabad, Gujarat for the divine goddess Dasha Mata, and her vehicle is the divine camel. She is worshipped widely by the Gujaratis and she is considered as our affectionate mother goddess. Mata Ushtravahini Devi is also having the camel as her vehicle, and she is also worshipped by the North Indians.

Dasha Ma is mainly worshipped by the people of the suppressed class of Hindus, and she is also worshipped by the tribal people in some parts of Gujarat. She is the Kula Devi for most of the village devotees in Ahmadabad, and she is the one who bestows immediate boons to her sincere devotees.

In Shravan Month, the village women in Gujarat, used to observe fasting for a period of ten days, and perform pujas and prayers to the holy goddess.

Along with DashaMaa, the other deities Nagbai Maa and Momai Maa, are also worshipped in the Dasha Mata Temple. Idols of these mother goddesses are adorned with flowers, and flower garlands, and they are applied with sandal paste, and puja is performed daily.

Once upon a time there lived a noble king named Vijay Singh in Gujarat. His wife Queen Rupmati, was a kind hearted and a dutiful wife. Both had two sons and they lived in a prosperous manner. Once, the queen came to know that some village women engaged in a fasting near the village pond, and worshiping their beloved goddess DashaMaa. After knowing about this, the queen also began to observe the fasting.

Due to that, the king became very angry with his queen and stopped her from continuing the fasting on Dasha Maa. Due to his bad act, Mata Dasha became very angry with him and due to that, his enemies were invaded his kingdom, and drove him and his family to the forest. The king and his family suffered from poverty, and in course of time, the king began to realise his mistake, and performed the fasting on Dasha Maa for ten days. Due to the grace of Dasha Ma, he defeated the enemies, and restored the kingdom from his enemies.

From this story, we can understand that even if we commit any mistakes, and plead for mercy the almighty is always ready to forgive our mistakes and gives goodness to us.

Let us worship Dasha Ma and be blessed.

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