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Dasha Mata Vrata, 26 March 2014

26 March 2014 is Dasha Mata Vrat. Dasha Mata Vrat is a vrata dedicated to Goddess Dasha Mata. It is observed for ten days, beginning on the next day of Holi festival.

The last and important day in Dashamata Vrat is the tenth day of Krishna Paksha in Chaitra Month in North Indian Hindi calendar. It falls in Falguna Month as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu & Kannada calendars. On the last day of Dasha Mata Vrat women devotees keep fasting, worship Goddess Dasha Mata with shodashopachar Puja and offer special food offerings to the Goddess.

Dashamata Vrat is observed in the honor of Dasha Maa and other folk deities like Nagbai Maa and Momai Maa. The images of the Goddesses worshipped for ten days and immersed on the tenth day with utmost gaiety. The women worship the Goddess to improve their condition in terms of health, wealth, social status, children, etc..

In Gujarat and some other Western parts of India, Dasha Mata Vrat is also worshipped in Shravan Month.

In 2012, Dasha Mata Vrat was from March 9 to March 17.

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